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Sorry Filter, I couldn’t play TF2 yesterday. Still trying to wrap my head around it, yanno. It is honestly the first and only FPS I’ve ever played (groan, yes I know). Still getting used to the concept and such.

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Rocket jumping is basically another form of parkour. It’s hard, it requires a lot of patience, it’s kind of a spectacular sight if done right, and you’re thrown around walls a lot. Walls that you jump off of. And if you fail, you’ll land on your face and hurt your feet hard enough to shatter their bones.

Basically it is an art form mastered by the truly hardened warriors. It’s good at least that said warriors offer help so you can be just like them. It’s like an entry ticket to hellish training that’s purely for your own good.

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In-game TF2 AU in which every single song in the game is replaced by the songs from The Incredibles’ soundtrack.

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bigoted feminism is feminism but it’s an extremely skewed and awful version of feminism that needs to be called out and critiqued and altered. there are huge problems within the feminist movement such as racism and transphobia and transmisogyny that need to be addressed, and writing off these sort of things as “not real feminism” ignores these issues and writes off the experiences of the affected people as unimportant

and ableism, and classism

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it is illegal to be gay in 76 countries

it is illegal to be gay in 76 countries

it is illegal to be myself in 76 countries

that’s about 39% of all the countries in the world

gay marriage is legal in about .07% of countries

don’t fucking talk to me about straight pride ever again

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